The Master’s Program
Early Childhood Research (M.Sc.)

Living in Leipzig

Where can you find nine colleges and a thriving alternative artistic and cultural scene?
Where can you find a variety of recreational options such as parks and lakes, yet still be able to afford to live there?
Where can you find a community of diversity and innovation?
30000 students from 150 countries know where – in Leipzig!

If you like classical music, enjoy swimming or just want to relax from the daily routine life in the park – no problem, you can do all of that in just one day in Leipzig. If you want to go to a reading, take part in a brewery course, or watch the latest Schwarzenegger movie at a drive in cinema – the locations are likely within easy reach. Leipzig with its roughly 500´000 inhabitants is too big to be boring and too small to be hectic. Even the Guardian, the New York Times, and the Telegraph already know that.

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Maybe you have been to Germany as a tourist or one of your friends is currently studying in Germany, and now you want to enroll in the Master´s program Early Childhood Research. That is not difficult, but needs thorough timing. Prior to your stay, please clarify the following important issues: After arrival, planning continues, and you have to take care of things, such as:
  • Registration at the city council
  • Residence permit
  • Health insurance
  • Bank account
  • Having a lot of fun (once the administrative issues are solved)
The staff of the International Center will be pleased to assist you at any time.


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