The Master’s Program Early Childhood Research (M.Sc.)

How to Apply

The application period for the winter semester 2022/2023 is closed. The applications received will be reviewed.

We wish all applicants good luck!

  • For students holding a certificate from a German university: alma web
  • For students holding a certificate from a university outside of Germany: uni assist

The selection of applicants for the Master’s program Early Childhood Research is based on the following documents (required):

  • Certificate of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in German or English (including Transcript of Records), or evidence that graduation can be achieved before commencing Master’s program.
  • Proof of proficiency in English at least at C1 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, issued in German or English (except for English native speakers)
  • University entrance qualification certificate, subject related/vocational qualification university entrance certificate, or a state or legally recognized equivalent or other state recognized equivalent issued in German or English.
  • Personal statement including a detailed written explanation for choice of  Master’s program in English
  • Evidence of knowledge in research methods and statistics in English or German, e.g. credits in university courses (please attach the respective module descriptions), written empirical coursework (please attach)
  • CV in tabular form in English
  • If applicable, please include any further documentation of extra curricular activities relevant to the Master’s program, e.g. regarding a former vocational training, voluntary internships, or related activities in English or German

Please note that we can only accept complete application documents.


Here we are answering Frequently Asked Questions. For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your LFE Team at at any time.

The application period for students holding a certificate from a German university is May 1 – May 31. The application period for students holding a certificate from a university outside of Germany is April 1 – May 31.
Students holding a certificate from a German university apply via Alma-Web. Students holding a certificate from a university outside of Germany apply via Uni-Assist.
There is no formal restriction concerning the Bachelor’s degree. However, it is favorable if it relates to psychology, anthropology, education science and similar subjects.
Internships are not mandatory but highly recommended (preferably with an insight into developmental psychology research).
Proof of proficiency in English at level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is required. This corresponds to a band score of at least 7 for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System). Proof can be provided by common test results (e.g. TOEFL test).
Yes, the language level must always be proven, unless English is the mother tongue.
Basic knowledge of methods and statistics is highly recommended. Proof of this can be provided, for example, by supporting evidence of credit points earned in university courses (please enclose corresponding module descriptions) or by compiling empirical (final) papers. To get an idea about your knowledge you can use our "Test Yourself".
You can expect to receive a feedback about mid-August.
The standard period of study is four semesters and the studies begin in October each winter semester.
The program is free of charge. Students have to pay a rather small administrative fee of about 210 Euro per semester (which includes, for example free public transport in Leipzig).
Yes, the program includes an obligatory internship about 225 hours. Students have to look for an appropriate instituition by themselves. Internship institutions can be in and out of Germany. Students should keep in mind that German institutionts often require some German skills.
Please contact your responsible embassy.
This also depends on the area of the Bachelor's degree. Employment in the field of research, in the university context, in continuing education or student counselling, for example, would be conceivable.
Unfortunately, this is not possible at most training institutes. Please note that the requirements for training as a child and youth psychotherapist vary from state to state.
Of course! There is a data bank called Stipendienlotse (in German) where you can search for suitable programs and also this data bank (in English).
The Studentenwerk (Student Union) of Leipzig University offers a job placement service (in German). Please also note the offers of the career service.
Please refer to the website of the Studentenwerk (Student Union).
Of course. Please contact us here: info.ecr(at)
Maybe you have been to Germany as a tourist or one of your friends is currently studying in Germany, and now you want to enroll in the Master's program Early Childhood Research. That is not difficult, but needs thorough timing. Prior to your stay, please clarify the following important issues: After arrival, planning continues, and you have to take care of things, such as:
  • Registration at the city council
  • Residence permit
  • Health insurance
  • Bank account
  • Having a lot of fun (once the administrative issues are solved)
The staff of the International Center will be pleased to assist you at any time.
Studying at LFE
Your application at Leipzig University


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