The Master’s Program
Early Childhood Research (M.Sc.)

M.Sc. Early Childhood Research

The M.Sc. Early Childhood Research aims to offer an entrance into international research on early child development. Graduates of this research program will be able to do a PhD on early child development in research institutes and universities across the globe. Therefore, the master program provides theoretical knowledge, recent scientific findings, research methods, and tools for statistical analysis. The course will also convey soft skills such as project management, scheduling, lecturing, and communication in research. Beyond starting a career in research at universities, the program will enable students to work in other fields related to research, to deal with scientific problems, and to helm and coordinate research projects. The program is conducted in English.

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Further information about the Master’s programme M.Sc. Early Childhood Research can be found here.

Reasons why the M.Sc. Early Childhood Research is the right program for you:

Methodological Training

You are enthusiastic about research and you want to improve your methodological and theoretical skills.
You like to work in a familiar and personal setting and you are interested in inspiring conversations and debates with your fellow students.

Research Focus and Interdisciplinary Orientation

You want to deepen your interests in early child development and get in contact with international researchers.
You are fascinated by the diverse and complex processes that take place in early childhood.
You are interested in interdisciplinary aspects of early childhood.

Thematic focus

You want to find out more about the human nature.
You want to discover how people from various cultural backgrounds differ.
You want to learn how psychopathological disorders develop in early childhood and how they can be prevented or treated.

City of Leipzig

You want to study in an exciting city with loads of cultural offers.


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