Profile of the Leipzig Research Center
for Early Child Development (LFE)

Interdisciplinary research network

How can the adolescence of children and adolescents be explored in the best way possible? Through many different perspectives. With its many faculties, the University of Leipzig offers many branches of research to approach the topic. In order to bundle all these research approaches, an interdisciplinary research network is formed. A declaration of intent to establish an interdisciplinary research network entitled “Variability and Influencing Factors of Child and Adolescent Development” has already been submitted.

What can be achieved with such a research network? It can make it easier to work together on such a big topic as child development. Both individuals and large research groups whose work has to do with the development of adolescents can work together in this network.

In the long term, an integrative center should be established in which scientists work together on the projects.


Participants from all disciplines

The declaration of intent was signed by eight professors from Leipzig University.

The pictures of Prof. Wagner, Prof. Latzko and Prof. Witt were kindly provided by the University of Leipzig. The rights are owned by Swen Reichhold / University of Leipzig, SUK. The picture of Prof. Körner was kindly provided by the University Hospital. The rights are owned by Stefan Straube / UK.

Further expertise is of course still desired, especially from the fields of economics, law and social sciences.

A first meeting is planned at the kick-off event in December. This will take place at the Bibliotheca Albertina on 9 December.

Previous Projects

Pictures: Canva

Cooperation outside the university

Research on the development of adolescents does not only take place at the University of Leipzig, but also at partner institutions. These include the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, the Max Planck Institute for Cognitive and Neurosciences and the Helmholtz Institute for Environmental Research. At the second level, these institutions have already expressed their interest in the research network.


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