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Psychotherapy Research

In addition to the investigation of factors involved in the development and maintenance of mental disorders in childhood and adolescence, the research of effective psychotherapeutic interventions and programs is a focus of our Research Group. In our university outpatient clinic, treatment and psychotherapy research are combined with each other.

For example, we develop tools such as therapy apps with which children can better follow and document psychotherapeutic treatment steps in their everyday lives, as in the Löwenherz-APP, a therapy diary for children with anxiety disorders.

In our game “Angstklicker” children and adolescents learn to deal effectively with their fears and worries and to fight them. In this way, affected children learn to develop counter-thoughts and to use them against their fears. Our mobile applications are evaluated and further developed both in experimental studies and in therapeutic settings, i.e. directly in therapy with children and adolescents.

Prof. Dr. Julian Schmitz
Psychotherapy Research