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Sense Of Justice

Children develop an understanding of fairness as an abstract concept, especially in later childhood and school years. New findings suggest, however, that the development of a sense of justice begins in early childhood and is based on an implicit understanding of just distributions. The aim of this project is to investigate the development of the emotions underlying fairness. Questions to be answered in this project are, for example: When do children rate it as negative if they are disadvantaged or preferred compared to a peer? In this project, a method for measuring changes in posture (Kinect) is used.

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Robert Hepach
Sense Of Justice
M.Sc. Stella Gerdemann
Research Associate | PhD Student
Hepach, R., Vaish, A., & Tomasello, M. (2017). The fulfillment of others’ needs elevates children’s body posture. Developmental Psychology 53(1), 100–113. doi:10.1037/dev0000173