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Child Development of Emotional Competence and Language

Relationships between language development and emotional competences in children has been supported by empirical studies: Children with high levels of language competence are better able to regulate emotional expressions and impulsive behavior and seem to be less prone to behavior problems. So far, research on the causes of these relationships is limited.

It seems plausible that advanced language competences might facilitate children’s understanding of parents’ and teachers’ emotion coaching as well as children’s own cognitive representation of emotions and emotion regulation strategies. Moreover, children with well-developed language competences might find it easier to communicate their needs and feelings and thus might be able to solve problems more efficiently. The KEeKS projekts aims at investigating these relationships in a series of empirical studies.

Dr. Berit Streubel
Research Associate
Dr. Gerlind Große
Child Development of Emotional Competence and Language
Prof. Dr. Henrik Saalbach
Head of Department
Dr. Catherine Gunzenhauser
Research Associate