New research group at the LFE

07. September 2022

The LFE has an increase in associated research groups – the research group Acquisition of Pragmatics under the direction of Jun.-Prof. Dr. Julia Fuchs is starting its work immediately.

In language acquisition, children are not only faced with the task of acquiring the systematic aspects of their mother tongue: Beyond phonetic-phonological, morphological, semantic and syntactic components, it is also necessary to acquire pragmatic skills. What does this mean? – Pragmatics is a branch of linguistics whose subject is language use in context. Accordingly, pragmatic acquisition is about the question of when and how children acquire the ability to adequately produce and understand linguistic utterances in communication. The WG Pragmatic Acquisition addresses these questions. The thematic focus is currently on irony acquisition in typically developing German-speaking children and in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder. For the planned studies, various offline experiments as well as eye-tracking as an online method are planned. Offline experiments are methodological procedures in which comprehension is determined after the language processing process has been completed (e.g. through picture selection or recall tasks). Online experiments, on the other hand, are methodological procedures in which the language processing process is measured in real time.

13. June 2022
Applications for 2022 being reviewed, next application period in Spring 2023
07. June 2022
Tina Malti successfully nominated for new AvH professorship
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