New research and teaching kindergarten at Leipzig University goes into operation

01. September 2018

Children laughing on Campus Jahnallee

The first weeks of August saw the start of settling in for the new kindergarten with research profile of the Faculty of Education.

In total, the kindergarten run by FRÖBEL e.V. offers 81 places for children from the age of 10 months until they start school.

From the research point of view, the new kindergarten will open up unique new possibilities: The researchers will be able to zoom into the everyday life of the children. The familiar environment, familiar rules / rituals and the presence of familiar people will enable a new quality in the exploration of the children’s independent actions and self-chosen play.

Interaction and educational processes between children and educational professionals will also be the subject of scientific observation. The continuous education and care of children from one year to school entry also creates the prerequisites for longitudinal studies on cognitive and social development.

Essential in this project are the transparent data protection concept and the opportunities for participation of children, their families, and pedagogical specialists.

The ceremonial opening of the day-care centre as a scientific institution will follow next year within the framework of the joint conference of the DGPS specialist groups Developmental Psychology and Educational Psychology (PAEPSY 2019).

Further information on the FRÖBEL Kindergarten am Elsterbecken can be found here .

Photo: FRÖBEL e.V.

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