LFE Director Prof. Dr. Henrik Saalbach publishes practical handbook for teachers

04. March 2021

“Professional Practice Knowledge for Teachers” is the latest work by LFE Director Prof. Dr. Henrik Saalbach, published by Kohlhammer Verlag.

In collaboration with Dr. Elsbeth Stern, Professor of Teaching and Learning Research at ETH Zurich, and Peter Greutmann, Gymnasium Teacher in Higher Education, also at ETH Zurich, Prof. Dr. Henrik Saalbach prepares the latest findings of teaching and learning research for the professional practice of teachers as knowledge for action.

In this context, it aims at the entirety of the areas relevant to teacher professionalism: Thus, not only learning theory and methodological-didactic aspects are considered, but the school is also treated as an institution and the psychosocial dimension of the teaching profession (dealing with stress, classroom management) is presented. The book is not only focused on the needs and practice of teachers. Rather, it provides practice-based suggestions for the implementation of scientific findings in professional action knowledge for teaching.

01. March 2021
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