Different perspectives, one goal

31. July 2019

The University of Leipzig is home of a wide variety of faculties and institutions – medicine, educational and sports sciences, life sciences, the LFE… eight Professors from these five different institutions have now joined forces to examine one topic from different perspectives: the development of children and adolescents. This goal is reflected in the joint declaration of intent to establish an interdisciplinary research network “Variability and factors influencing the development of children and adolescents”.

The researchers already look back on a variety of projects. For example, the LFE, which can study children in their natural environment through the local research and teaching kindergarten. In addition, studies such as LIFE Child of the Faculty of Medicine or the KOMPASS study of sports science already offer extensive insights into the development of children and adolescents. With the application for a Research Training Group on “Emotional Development in Social Interaction”, there are already cross-faculty projects that want to investigate the development of adolescents. The cooperation is not limited to the university framework – institutions such as the Helmholtz Institute for Environmental Research or the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology are already intensively involved in many projects and have also expressed an interest in cooperation within the research network.

What can this research network achieve? According to the initiators, both individuals and research groups whose work is related to the development of adolescents are brought together. The research network is to be established within the framework of the University Development Plan 2025 in order to bundle research activities at the University of Leipzig and at the other institutions. The aim is also to create a structure that will be funded by the federal government. In the long term, an integrative centre is to be established in which scientists work together on the projects.

Interested scientists are being sought for the research network, especially from the fields of social sciences, economics and law, collaborators.

A kick-off event will take place at the Bibliotheca Albertina on 9 December. The event is entitled “Forschungsverbund Kind”.

Madlen Bartholmeß
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