4 questions to... Kristina Musholt (ESPP special edition)

17. February 2020

1.Kristina, what exactly are your duties at the LFE?

I am head of one of the core working groups at the LFE and a member of the board. My tasks are therefore, apart from working on my own research projects, the supervision of my doctoral and master students and other staff members, as well as working on the tasks of the LFE, such as interdisciplinary networking, the development of joint projects and the organisation of workshops and other events. I have been organising the research colloquium of the LFE for several years and of course I am also involved in teaching in the Master’s course.

2. Cognitive Anthropology – what does the research look like?

Cognitive anthropology studies specifically human cognitive abilities at the intersection of philosophy and cognitive developmental psychology. A particular focus of our research is the development of self-confidence and social cognition. However, I am also interested in the development of normativity, the cultural variability of human abilities and the differences between human and animal abilities. As a philosopher I work primarily theoretically, i.e. I try to shed light on (and question) the theoretical assumptions and conceptual premises of empirical work and to establish connections between different fields of research or to integrate them into a larger theoretical framework. Of course, I am also interested in developing new empirical questions. In doing so, we always try to take into account the practical relevance of our work, for example in the context of early childhood education.

3.You are organizing the ESPP 2020 here in Leipzig this year. What can we expect there?

The European Society for Philosophy and Psychology brings together philosophers, psychologists and linguists with a genuine interest in interdisciplinary exchange. So we can expect exciting lectures, symposia and posters from these three disciplines, as well as the opportunity to discuss common issues and learn from each other. I have been attending the conference on a regular basis for many years and am always delighted with the friendly and stimulating atmosphere and the many inspiring lectures and discussions. That is why I am particularly pleased that the ESPP will take place at the LFE this year.

4. What are you most looking forward to at the ESPP?

I am already very excited about the presentations of our 4 fantastic keynote speakers and the other great researchers who will be presenting. But most of all I am looking forward to the conversations with many old and new acquaintances and to the opportunity to present our interdisciplinary research on childhood in Leipzig to the participants of the conference.

Madlen Bartholmeß
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