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Frequently Asked Questions

Until construction work of our new lab rooms is complete, we are running our studies at the child lab of our cooperating partner, the Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (MPI EVA). The institute is located at Deutscher Platz 6 and can easily be reached with tram 2 or 16 (stop: Deutsche Nationalbibliothek).
The duration differs according to the study. When we call you and invite you to visit us, additional questions will be answered. On average, a study lasts 30 minutes.
Your child will receive a small toy for participating in our study.
Your child decides whether he or she wants to continue. Participation is voluntary.
At your request, we are happy to send you a summary of the results once the study is finished. If you decide to participate, please let us know you would like to receive the results of the study.
All video data will be anonymously coded (names and addresses will not be linked to that data) and stored according to the data protection law. Video data will only be used for the purpose of research, e.g. at scientific workshops, courses or informative events.