LFE Colloquium talk by Dr. David Weiss

On Friday, December 06, 2019, a new Research Colloquium takes place at the LFE. Dr David Weiss (Developmental Psychology, Leipzig University) will give a talk.

The colloquium is entitled “Stepping Up and Stepping Down: The Dynamic Nature of Social Status Across the Life Span”

We are aging from the moment we are born. Not surprisingly, age is one of the most salient social categories and a fundamental aspect of how we perceive others and ourselves. Age is an important marker of social status (i.e., being respected and admired by others) that changes across the life span following an inverted U-shaped curve (midlife is typically associated with higher – whereas young and older adulthood with a lower social status). The loss of social status in later adulthood has been linked to negative age stereotypes and can have detrimental consequences for older adults’ self-perception, well-being, and even life expectancy. In this talk, I will review longitudinal, experimental, and cross-cultural findings that illustrate how people deal with the loss of social status. By highlighting the dynamic nature of the self-concept, I argue that individuals are motivated to counteract negative age stereotypes and the loss of social status by engaging in self-protective behavior. I will conclude with a discussion of a future research agenda that focuses on the dynamic nature of social status from adolescence to old age and highlight questions for future research.

When? Friday, December 06, 2019 | 11 am – 1 pm

Where? Leipzig University, Marschnerstraße 31, House 3, Room 301 („Turmzimmer”), D-04109 Leipzig

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