Lecture by Jun-Prof. Dr. Robert Hepach: "The Ontogeny of Prosocial Emotions"

LFE member Jun.-Prof. Dr. Robert Hepach (Research Methods in Early Child Development) will give a lecture within the lecture series of junior professors at the Faculty of Education of Leipzig University.

The presentation is entitled: “The Ontogeny of Prosocial Emotions”

Early ontogeny has been theorized to be the key developmental period for prosocial emotions such as elevation, pride, and guilt to emerge. The research outlined here builds on a series of methodological innovations to study the ontogenetic origins of prosocial emotions and how their expression is in turn shaped by culture to fulfill their primordial function of regulating social interactions among peers. The results inform ongoing philosophical and biological debates on prosociality with profound consequences for how we, as a society, educate children to reach their full prosocial potential.

When? Wednesday, May 08, 2019 | 5.15 – 6.45 pm
Where? Leipzig University, Campus Jahnallee, Marschnerstraße 29e, Bildungswissenschaftliches Zentrum, Lecture Hall 015 or Room 132 (announcement on the day)

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