Profile of the Leipzig Research Center
for Early Child Development (LFE)

Prof. Dr. Henrik Saalbach

Head of Department  |  Research Group Saalbach

Educational Psychology
Faculty of Education at Leipzig University
Marschnerstraße 31
D-04109 Leipzig

T +49 (0) 341 97 31 261
F +40 (0) 341 97 31 469


More Information

Child Development of Emotional Competence and Language
Developing Social-Emotional Competence Playfully
Linguistic Interactions in Early Science Lessons
Recognition of a Communicator’s Intent in Indirect Communication
Speech Processes support Cognitive Performance
The Acquisition of Content Knowledge in a Bilingual Context
The Contribution of Linguistic and Executive Processes to Cognitive and Academic Performance in Monolingual and Bilingual Primary School Children
2015 –Professor for Educational Psychology
Leipzig University
2013 – 2015Professor Research on learning and instruction
Saarland University
2007 – 2013Senior Researcher and Lecturer
Section ‘Research on Learning and Instruction’ | Institute of Behavioural Sciences | ETH Zürich
2012 – 2013Teacher
Primary School ‘Letten’, Zürich
2008 – 2012Lecturer for educational psychology and for didactics of early science teaching
University of Teacher Education, Central Switzerland
2006 – 2007Postdoctoral researcher
Keio University, Japan || Peking University, China
2006Dr. phil. in Psychology
Technical University of Berlin
2003 – 2006PhD student
Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin
2002 – 2003Graduate Student
Peking University, China
2002Diploma in Psychology
Technical University of Berlin
1999 – 2000Studies Abroad
Chinese language | Xiamen University, China
Cognitive Psychology | Chinese Academy of Sciences
1996 – 1999Student Research Assistant
Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin