Sveinung Sivertsen als Gast am LFE

10. Juli 2017

Noch bis Ende Juli ist Sveinung Sivertsen (Abteilung für Philosophie, Universität Bergen) bei uns am Zentrum zu Gast.

Hier ein Statement von ihm:

„People sometimes do what they believe is right, even when it will make others disapprove of them. Whistle-blowers are a good example: Just think of Edward Snowden, who knew that his actions would make many of his fellows seem him as a traitor. What explains this kind of behaviour? Adam Smith, a philosopher in the so-called Scottish Enlightenment, answered: ‚love of praiseworthiness‘: the desire not merely to be praised by others, but to be worthy of praise. Is this emotion and the attendant desire real? That is what I want to find out in collaboration with Robert Hepach and others at the LFE. We hypothesise that if it is real, children will experience a positive emotion, ‚elevation‘, after having done something good like helping, even when doing so involves some personal cost, like giving up a fun activity.“

Herzlich Willkommen!

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