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Educational Psychology

Faculty of Education at Leipzig University
Marschnerstraße 31
D-04109 Leipzig

Dr. Anika Bürgermeister
Research Associate
Prof. Dr. Henrik Saalbach
Head of Department
Dipl.-Psych. Alexander Dienst
Research Associate
Dr. Berit Streubel
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Dr. Cathrin Dietzel
Research Associate (on parental leave)
M.Sc. Christian Hahn
Dr. Cornelia Schulze
Research Associate
M.A. Franziska Stephan
Research Associate | PhD Student
M.A. Monique Stecher
Lecturer for special tasks
Dr. Robert Wilkens
Lecturer for special tasks
Laura Krautwurm
Student Assistant
B.Sc. Frederike Svensson
Research Assistant
Frederik Hirschfeld
Student Assistant
Martina Greiner
Student Assistant
M.Sc. Franziska Bednarski
Research Associate | PhD Student
Dr. Catherine Gunzenhauser
Research Associate
M.Sc. Susanne Enke
Research Associate | PhD
Dipl.-Psych. Benjamin Hübner
Lecturer for special tasks
Moritz Wußing
Research Associate
The Acquisition of Content Knowledge in a Bilingual Context
Child Development of Emotional Competence and Language
Linguistic Interactions in Early Science Lessons
Recognition of a Communicator’s Intent in Indirect Communication
Speech Processes support Cognitive Performance

Other Research Groups

Research Group Haun
Early Child Development and Culture
Research Group Musholt
Cognitive Anthropology
Research Group Schmitz
Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology