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Early Child Development and Risk Factors

From a clinical-psychological perspective, we are particularly interested in risk factors in early childhood that favour the development of psychopathological abnormalities in childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

In our research project on the significance of socioemotional competencies in ontogenesis, we are currently using a multi-method approach to investigate possible correlations between early psychopathological symptoms and social competence in children as young as 5 years of age. In a behavioural observation using experimental developmental psychological methods, we investigate prosocial behaviour and social initiative in participating children and their connection with internalising and externalising behavioural tendencies. Furthermore, we are interested in whether early deficits in prosocial behavior and social initiative are associated with a less favorable course in future psycho-emotional development.

Prof. Dr. Julian Schmitz
Head of Department
M.Sc. Laura Huber
Research Associate
Dr. Maria Plötner
Research Associate